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With summers knuckles dancing against your cheek
and micah scales glinting in your teeth
you rise from a swell of post-storm seas to greet me
from kelp and tangle
from fishing lines and trap wires
with fight and fury
no fists to angle but arms swinging to embrace
you open your mouth

and oh, how loudly you sing inside of me
the flush and decay of waves crashing
against these bones, this briny marrow
pouring whatever is left
into a harmony I’ll lay next to your voice
just as gently as the tides allow

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Ohio Players in action


Ohio Players in action

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Bones + Mushrooms: Illustrations by Hernan Chavar 

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Nikolai Lutohin. Illustrations for Galaksija Magazine. 1970s.

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Yuko Shimizu’s bold illustrations… now on Hi-Fructose.

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